Internet banking

What is internet banking?

Do you wish to avail yourself of bank services from any spot on the globe safely and infallibly at any time of the day? Then make a correct choice : activate E-Banking system of ARMBUSINESSBANK.

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The service allows to:

  • Manage your bank and card accounts, view transaction history
  • Exchange currency
  • Pay for utilities
  • View your credit liabilities, make loan payments, repay loans
  • Make budget transfers and pay RA police traffic fines
  • View your deposit agreements, replenish deposits
  • And much more
Internet banking

internet banking service is activated in parallel with Mobile banking service, with which you can manage your accounts anytime

The safety of the system is ensured by state-of-the-art facilities. For user identification and transacting purposes the Digipass tokens /devices/ by VASCO Data Security company are used. By these Digipass devices the one-time passwords are generated that are required for documents approval. The password can also be received without the provision of a password-generating device via SMS or software running OAUTH 2.0 protocol.

Updated 10.08.2023 16:14