Additional Information

For failure to repay the loan and interests when due, any pledged and other property (house, car, etc.) may be confiscated in the manner prescribed by law, while the information on the borrower shall be filed with credit register. In case the borrower fails to fulfil its loan commitments, where the collateral is insufficient to discharge liabilities on the account of the collateral, such loan commitments may be repaid on the account of other property of the borrower.
In case of consumer loans, before entering into a loan agreement the Bank shall provide an Individual Sheet subject to the Central Bank of Armenia Regulation 8/05 “On the Procedure, Terms, Forms and Minimum Requirements for Communication Between Bank and Depositors, Creditor and Consumer”.
Interests on loans are charged based on the nominal interest rate. The actual annual interest rate shows the cost of credit upon repayment of interests and making other payments in due terms and amounts.
Subject to amendment made to Law on Currency Regulation and Currency Control, the interest amounts accrued on foreign currency loans and deposits, which “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC has issued or attracted since December 2, 2017, may at your option be repaid in the same currency in which they have been issued or attracted.
In case of foreign currency loans, changes in exchange rates may have effect on the repayment of loan.

Updated 10.08.2023 16:14