List of the legal acts regulating the Bank activity
  • 1.

    RA law “On banks and banking activity”

  • 2.

    RA law “On joint-stock companies”

  • 3.

    RA law “On the securities market”

  • 4.

    RA law “On consumer lending”

  • 5.

    RA law “On the bank deposit”

  • 6.

    RA law “On combating money laundering and terrorism financing”

  • 7.

    RA law “On guaranteeing the refund of bank deposits of natural persons”

  • 8.

    RA law “On currency exchange regulation and exchange controls”

  • 9.

    RA law “On the financial system mediator”

  • 10.

    RA law “On banking secrecy”

  • 11.

    RA law “On payment and settlement systems and payment and settlement organizations“

  • 12.

    RA law “Funds transfer by payment order”

  • 13.

    CBA Board Decision N142-N dated 29.03.2005 'On establishment of a loan register-informational system on creditworthiness of customers of banks, credit companies and branches of foreign banks operating in the Republic of Armenia and participation of banks, credit companies and branches of foreign banks therein'

  • 14.

    CBA Board Decision N71-N dated March 11, 2008 “On approving the minimal requirements for conducting banks’ internal control”

  • 15.

    CBA Board Decision N145-N dated April 12, 2005 'On approving Regulation 1': “Registration and licensing of the banks and foreign banks branch-offices”, “Registration of the banks’ branches and representative offices, “Qualification and registration of the managers of the banks and foreign banks branch-offices”

  • 16.

    CBA Board Decision N 39-N dated February 09, 2007 'On approving Regulation 2' :“The regulation of banks’ activities, the major economic standards for banking activity”

  • 17.

    RA Civil Code.

Other normative-legal acts
  • 1.

    Regulation 8/03 on 'Information release by banks, credit organisations, insurance companies, insurance brokers, investment companies, Central depositary, payment-and-settlement organisations effecting money transfers'

  • 2.

    Regulations 8/04 on “Minimum requirements and principles of internal legal acts regulating the procedure of considering clients’ complaints and demands”

  • 3.

    Regulation 8/05 on “The order, terms, manner of intercommunication between the bank and depositor, creditor and consumer, and minimum requirements attached thereto”

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