Utility and other payments

Information on payments
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Utility and other payments

  • Electricity
  • Gas consumption and maintenance
  • Water supply (sewerage, irrigation water)
  • Traffic police service fees (penalty, technical inspection, other)
  • Notary service fees
  • Tax fees
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  • Viva Cell MTS (mobile phone line)
  • K-Telecom (mobile and fixed phone line)
  • U-Com payments(including mobile phone line and internet)
  • Team (fixed and mobile phone line, Hi-Line)
  • ROSTELECOM payments
  • Cross Net payments
  • Arminco payments

The payments are accepted both cash and non cash through the transmissions from the customers’ account.

It is also possible to realize the utility payments without visiting the Bank by making use of the automatic payment instruction services.

If requested it is possible to send the current statement information through the e-mail addresses monthly where you can find your cash flows.

Updated 10.08.2023 16:14