Bank management

Bank shareholders

As at 11 March 2022, the authorized capital of “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC totals to AMD 170,092,515,260 which is made up of 206,260 ordinary shares.

  • MFM Global Invest AG

  • «ЖИЛЬЕ ДЛЯ МОЛОДЫХ» рефинансирующая кредитная организация ЗАО

  • - For the last twelve months to the members of the Board, Executive Board, Chief accountant of the Bank and affiliated with them parties have been extended loans amounting to AMD 322,432,220.50 , out of which have been repaid AMD 488,840,095.50, Euro 33,526.03 ․
  • - На 30.06.2023 кредиты, выданные членам Совета, Исполнительного органа, Главному бухгалтеру Банка и аффилированным с ними лицам, составляют 31,276,938.00 драм.
  • - No loans and other borrowings (including repaid ones) received in the recent 12 months by significant shareholders of the Bank and affiliated persons are available.

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