Salary projects

'ARMBUSINESSBANK' CJSC offers corporate customers a modern and convenient method of payment.
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Benefits of a salary project for the company:

  • Simplification of accounting
  • Ensuring confidentiality and safety when paying out a payroll
  • Work time saving related to receiving the payroll for cash
  • Reduction of costs related to cash office and accounting unit, as well as collection unit staff

Salary projects shall enable employees to:

  • Free cash withdrawals up to 1 million drams per day through ATMs
  • Get access to credit lines
  • Effect non-cash payments in trade outlets and service points
  • Enjoy discounts offered to the cardholders of the Bank
  • Make cashless transfers

The following documents must be submitted for the implementation of the salary project:

  • Company application
  • Company staff list
  • Copies of passports and soc. cards of company employees
  • Application for card provision to be completed by company employees

Updated 10.08.2023 16:14