The Last Knot of Sun Carpet Tied: ARMBUSINESSBANK - Part of the Project

  • Exactly one year ago, the employees of ARMBUSINESSBANK participating in the initiative to weave all-Armenian carpet, tied 1200 knots to the Sun Carpet (Arevagorg).
  • Today, the last knots of the Sun Carpet were tied at Marriot Hotel, and the ceremony of cutting the carpet was held by our heroes, who became disabled defending our Motherland.
  • Within a year, along with many individuals and organizations, ARMBUSINESSBANK also contributed to the creation of the Sun Carpet.
  • Over this time, individuals and organizations from Armenia and foreign countries, involved in the “Knot to ...” joint initiative of the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen and Megerian Carpet added knots to the carpet , each knot worth AMD 1,000.
  • The initiative raised 8 123 000 AMD. Until now, the Foundation has paid compensation to thousands of disabled militaries or the families of fallen soldiers.
  • At the closing event, the CEO of the Fund Karine Sarkissian mentioned that the mission of the Fund is built around a very noble idea. Each of us should honor our heroes, respect the memory of the fallen soldiers, as well as those who survived.
  • According to the founder of “Megerian Carpet” Raffi Megerian, creation of the carpet symbolized that when united, we could get things done. The Sun Carpet is the symbol of our power and might.
  • Attaching high importance to the corporate and social responsibility programs, ARMBUSINESSBANK is regularly engaged in the charity, social and cultural events, as a best model of bringing a team over a common goal.
  • 02.08.2022

Updated 2022-09-07 17:08