Term and demand deposits of individual customers
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Services associated with custody of securities

  • Opening, change, maintenance and closing of securities accounts
  • Operations associated with transfer of securities
  • Pledge of securities and termination of the pledge
  • Blocking and unblocking of securities and securities accounts
  • Provision of statements of account and other information to the holder of securities account

Important note

The Bank charges commission for provision of services according to the tariffs approved by the Executive Board of the Bank. Commissions are charged to the Customer's bank account based on Customer instructions given at the end of the transaction.
The exchange of information between the bank and the client is carried out in paper or electronic form. Transactions in securities are delivered by written order in 2 copies and submitted by 10:00 a.m. of business day.
The contract enters into force and is valid for an indefinite period. In case of contract termination, the balance on Customer’s depot account is transferred to the depot account registered with another sub-depository of the Customer.
Experience in securities is required for investments. When carrying out transactions with securities, all risks are borne by the client. The Bank DOES NOT INDEMNIFY the customer for losses, unless they are caused by the Bank negligence and/or dishonesty.

Updated 10.08.2023 16:14