Term and demand deposits of legal entities
ARMBUSINESSBANK offers ABB-CORPORATE deposit to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
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  • — Depositors, upon their request, are provided with a corporate card and an access to credit funds in the currency of the deposit equal to 100% of the amount and in case of different currencies – up to 95%; annual interest rate on deposit +3%;
  • — In case of making a deposit for a period of 31-180 days - a possibility to use individual small deposit box free of charge until deposit maturity;
  • — Provision of 1 (one) corporate card for free.

Main T&Cs for ABB-CORPORATE Deposit

  • Currency

    Minimum deposit amount

  • AMD


  • USD


  • EUR


  • RUB


Frequency of interest payment
Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, at maturity
Replenishment of deposit
Not allowed

Updated 2022-09-07 17:08