insurance company

RGS-Armenia is the largest insurance company in Armenia, which provides a wide variety of insurance services to individuals and legal entities to protect against a wide range of risks.

Information on tariffs


  • — Terms of voluntary car insurance
  • — Terms of accident insurance
  • — Terms of voluntary insurance of civil liability of the owners (administrators ) of buildings, apartments, home and other property
  • — Terms of travelers insurance
  • — Terms of voluntary social health insurance
  • — Terms of voluntary health insurance
  • — Terms of compulsory motor third party liability insurance (cmtpl)
  • — Terms of applying bonus-malus system for calculating insurance premiums for cmtpl
  • — Ra government decision n 1104- n dated 26.08.2010 on approving the form, content, instructions for completing the agreed declaration and cmtpl ticket, the criteria for cmtpl ticket damage (rejection), the order of replacing a damaged ( rejected), lost, stolen , or destroyed cmtpl ticket with a new one, and the order of registration of cmtpl ticket and its slip
  • — The rules of reimbursement by "Armenian motor insurers' bureau" ule on the account of insurance fund
  • — Examples, explanation of calculating indemnities applicable in substandard situations

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