State support account

Information on State Support Account
A State support account is a special account that is opened at the Bank on which the the funds of lump-sum grant for family capital shall be remitted to be allocated for the 3rd and each subsequent child born on January 1, 2014 and after that date. A State support account is opened in the name of the child (account holder), based on the application of the lawful representative (parent, trustee, adoptive parent), who is registered at the address of his residence with the child in the Republic of Armenia. Disposal of funds available on State support account is limited by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
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List of documents to open a bank or unallocated metal account for individuals

  • — Application-agreement to open an account
  • — Identity document
  • — Social card or social service number or a statement of absence of such documemts (is not required where an ID-card is presented)
  • — For non-resident individuals - an identity document with a notarized translation

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