Bank account

Information on bank accounts
ARMBUSINESSBANK opens and maintains accounts both in local and foreign currencies. As part of cash management services, the Bank offers a wide range of services for transactions conducted through bank accounts, namely cash crediting and debiting, cashless currency conversions, transfers of funds from account within Armenia and abroad.
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List of documents to open a bank or unallocated metal account for individuals

  • — Application-agreement to open an account
  • — Identity document
  • — Social card or social service number or a statement of absence of such documemts (is not required where an ID-card is presented)
  • — For non-resident individuals - an identity document with a notarized translation
The calculation of interest on funds available on your account is made ​​on the basis of the nominal interest rate. The annual percentage yield (APY) measures the amount you may gain by compounding interests you have earned from your deposit. In order to get acquainted with the manner of calculating annual percentage yield, please refer to information bulletin on demand deposits.

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