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  Do you wish to avail yourself of bank services from any spot on the globe safely and infallibly at any time of the day? Then make haste to opt for a viable alternative. We will assist you to  fulfill your desires...   

ABB-CONNECT system allows to:


  • current balance and turnover of bank accounts
  • Loan balance and repayment schedule
  • Deposit balances and accrued interests
  • Exchange rates 


  • Transfers within RA and beyond RA territory
  • Currency conversions
  • Loan repayments
  • Reinforcement of deposits

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System safety

Safety of the system is ensured by state-of-the-art facilities. For user identification 

and transacting purposes the Digipass tokens /devices/ by VASCO Data Security company are used.    

By these Digipass devices the one-time passwords are  generated that are required for documents approval.



Dear client!

Hence, "ARMBUSINESSBANK" CJSC affords more expanded opportunities for Internet-Banking service. From now on, Internet-Banking is also available via your mobile phone by visiting web page: https://internetbank.armbusinessbank.am/internetbank /.

What is ABB-mobile?

ABB-mobile is a free phone application of Internet-Banking service to maintain your accounts any time through any type of Internet connection as such may be available via your mobile phone.

The service allows to:


  • Current balance and turnover of bank accounts
  • Loan balances and repayment schedule
  • Deposit balance and accrued interest
  • Currency exchange rates



  • Money transfer within and out of  RA
  • Currency exchange transactions
  • Loan repayments
  • Reinforcement of deposits


How to use?

1. Start web browser,

2. Enter web address https://internetbank.armbusinessbank.am/internetbank in the address field,

3. Enter your credentials (Username, Password and Digipass generated number) provided by the Bank in the relevant login application.

For additional information please visit https://internetbank.armbusinessbank.am/internetbank or call 59-20-20

For technical information please call 59-20-24



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