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Registry Keeping and Custody Mediation Services

Effective 11.07.2013 "ARMBUSINESSBANK" CJSC affiliated to the Securities Registration and Settlement Unified System of "Central Depository of Armenia" and was granted Account Operator status. The system is first of all aimed at improving services associated with securities custody and registry keeping rendered to shareholders, aligned with best international standards.


In the capacity of Account Operator, the Bank mediates the following services provided by the Depository:

1. Services associated with registry keeping:  

  • Keeping and maintaining a registry for securities, 
  • Registration of operations associated with securities underwriting,
  • Registration of operations related to corporate actions,
  • Registration of changes to the Issuer information,    
  • Providing the list of registered securities’ holders  and other information to the Issuer,

2. Services associated with custody of securities:  

  • Opening, change, maintenance and closing of securities accounts,
  • Operations associated with transfer of securities,
  • Pledge of securities and termination of the pledge,
  • Blocking and unblocking of securities and securities accounts,
  • Provision of statements of account and other information to the holder of securities account.


3. Additional services

  • Services related to payment, repayment of coupon bonds, payment of dividends,
  • Control over the acquisition of securities and other restrictions prescribed by Law and Articles of the Issuer,
  • Notifying the Issuer on the securities movement (securities transfer orders) and arrest on a pledge basis.

TARIFFS applicable for registry keeping and custodian services provided by the Depository and mediated through the Bank can be found here, and the Procedure for rendering main and additional intermediated  services of Unified system of securities registry and settlement can be found here.


In the government and corporate bonds market Armbusinessbank CJSC provides the following intermediary services: 

• accepts client orders for the execution of securities deals,

• executes securities operations on its own behalf or on behalf and on the account of customer,

• executes securities operations on its own account or on its behalf.


1.  Conditions, manner and terms of payment by customer

2 . The order and term for establishing communication with customers

3 . Contract validity and the order of the refund of customer in case of suspension thereof

4 . Types of securities in which customer’s funds may be invested

5 . Risks relating to the investor when conducting operations in the securities market

6.  The procedure for conducting transactions, accepting and executing orders and instructions

7.  Classification of customer applications

8.  Policy on the prevention of conflicts of interest

9.  The list of documents required to use rendered services.


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