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ArCa Classic

ArCa Classic card belongs to unified “Armenian Card" payment system and can be used exclusively within Armenia. 

ArCa Classic is a debit card and affords access to overdraft or credit line subject to the terms and conditions set by the Bank.

The card is issued only in drams and is suitable for getting the pay-roll.


ArCa Classic cards enable you to use the following services:   

  • Withdraw cash at ATMs on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, on which the label of ArCa system is posted.
  • Pay for goods and services at sales points and merchants on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, where “ArCa” cards are accepted. The label of ArCa system posted at the entrance or cash offices of such sales points and merchants.   
  • Pay utility bills via ATMs.
  • Purchase goods and services via Internet at sales points and merchants operating on the territory of Armenia.
  • Pay utility bills with a virtual card, as well as get information via Internet about card account balance and card transactions.
  • Transfer funds from your card to another person’s ArCa, MasterCard and VISA card (which are maintained within ArCa payment system), etc.

For more information about ArCa cards, please visit: www.arca.am.

Updated on 30.07.2020, 15:58

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