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ARMBUSINESSBANK: Because your health is important for us!

Dear customers and partners!

Attention! The health of our families and relatives is extremely important for all of us. The employees of ARMBUSINESSBANK, as well as its partners and customers are part of ARMBUSINESSBANK’s large family.

And since this is top important to us, we have taken measures to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

ARMBUSINESSBANK has supplied the Head Office and all the premises of its branches with disinfectant solutions and other necessary materials to prevent the spread of the virus. We have installed hand sanitizer stations, and we have increased the frequency of disinfection of surfaces that are used most often. We have postponed business trips, as well as a number of internal events.


We are always waiting for you at ARMBUSINESSBANK. But in order to protect your health, we recommend that you mostly use non-cash means of payment and online banking services.

If you have recently returned from a trip abroad, please postpone your visit to the bank for at least two weeks after the trip. If, however, the visit cannot be postponed, please observe measures to preserve your health and the health of other people.

How to cope with this situation? The solutions for using banking services are simple. Avoid cash payments whenever possible.

Use ARMBUSINESSBANK card as a means of payment. Use such services of ARMBUSINESSBANK as Internet banking and #MobileBanking, which allow you to make dozens of banking operations simply, conveniently and quickly without having to visit the bank.

If you have urgent questions, please apply to ARMBUSINESSBANK’s call center that meets international standards, at +374 10 59 20 19, +374 10 59 20 20, +374 60 37 25 00.


ARMBUSINESSBANK, your health is important to us.

The Bank is controlled by the CB of Armenia.

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