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 Dear partners,

“ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC is announcing a tender for the acquisition of software for Call Center:

Terms & Conditions of Tender

  1. Company must have:
  • A right to implement and sell said systems,
  • Mechanisms and experience of installing and providing technical support for given or similar systems.

        2. Price offer of the participating company should contain the following items:

  • Total cost, including taxes,
  • Delivery time,
  • Terms of warranty service,
  • Terms of technical support,
  • Other T&Cs at the discretion of the Company.

         3. Required documents

  • Application for participation in the tender,
  • Price offer,
  • Information on the organization (charter, certificate of state registry, annual reports),
  • List of partner companies

Companies wishing to participate in the tender may submit their applications along with the necessary documents in sealed envelopes to “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC, Head Office, at 48 Nalbandyan street, Yerevan, Armenia, from August 1 to September 30, 2019, every working day, from 09:15 a.m. till 16:45p.m. International companies can send tender applications by email to info@armbusinessbank.am .

The following lettering should be available on the sealed envelopes 

  • “Do not open until the tender day”,
  •  “To Tender Commission”,
  • Full names and addresses of the Sender (Tender participant) and the Recipient (Tender organizer).

All participants of the tender will be notified of the results by September 15, 2019.

For more information please call "ARMBUSINESSBANK" CJSC IT unit at (+37410) 59 20 22 or or write to Mushegh.Gishyan@armbusinessbank.am and/or Shushanik.Hovhannisyan@armbusinessbank.am .

 Minimum software requirements

• Incoming call service;
• Option for automated outgoing calls;
• Simultaneous maintenance of all calls;
• Customer identification by voice,
• Option to send SMS, IVM and Email,
• IVR option,
• Storing customer information through various analytical approaches;
• Creating, maintaining and exporting client database (existing, new);
• Maintaining and downloading call recordings;
• Creating call quality assessment system;
• Call appraisal according to imported assessment system;
• Real time call monitoring, call switching and support;
• Option to view and export analysis (also graphs, diagrams), reports (Word, excel, pdf) for each operator, unit, whole center,
• Option to search and filter data by any criteria: executor, title, status, call reason, time, etc.
• Set competencies, create employee status (available, break, technical issue, etc.), option for availability restrictions,

• Creating call queues, enabling standby mode, automatic alerting other available users on answering interval;
• Distribution of calls within the group according to employee status,
• Call forwarding option;
• Service Quality Assessment System;
• Option to send automated inquiries to assess customer loyalty index (NPS);
• Receiving and exporting reports and analyzes on NPS results;
• Unified interface,
• Option to chat within the group and store data,
• Option to integrate with other systems, e.g. AS, chat, email, etc.
• Option to install scripts / templates,
• Unlimited number of users

• Servicing of software-related issues.

May 27, 2020
May 26, 2020
May 19, 2020
May 15, 2020
May 15, 2020
May 14, 2020
Chairman of the Board of ARMBUSINESSBANK Arsen Mikayelyan is awarded with “Vachagan Barepasht” medal

In the run-up to the celebration of the victories of our unity, there usually occur pleasant obligations to pay tribute to the merits of those people whose activity and dedication are aimed at improving our homeland and seeing it most secure and safe...

May 08, 2020
Online Shopping Marathon for the holders of Armbusinessbank’s Visa card

Dear customers and partners,

Make purchases of AMD 10,000 and over with ARMBUSINESSBANK’s Visa card at PayX partner online shops, take part in the FAVORABLE ONLINE SHOPPING MARATHON and get one of the 500 gifts...

May 04, 2020
Ayrum, Bagratashen and other communities are grateful to the Bank

Dear customers and partners,


This is not the first time that ARMBUSINESSBANK has been implementing social assistance programs in Tavush. This time the Bank responded to the proposal of the managers of investment programs of “Bagratashen Development Fund” and Ayrum community to prevent the worsening of the situation of socially vulnerable groups resulting from the pandemic disease...

April 30, 2020
April 29, 2020
ARMBUSINESSBANK has paid over AMD 1.2 bln urgent one-time benefits

Dear customers and partners,


ARMBUSINESSBANK participates in the implementation of the RA Government social programs to neutralize the consequences of Covid-19. During the period from 04.06.20-29.04.2020 benefits in the amount of over 1.2 bln drams (75% of the benefits payable for this period through the Bank) were paid to 22.651 citizens in need of financial assistance through the Bank...

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