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“Vitaly Grigoryants” Charitable Foundation among donors for the construction of the conciliar Church of Intercession

Dear customers and partners,

Consecration and inauguration ceremony of conciliar Church of Intercession was held in the center of Stepanakert on April 7. “Vitaly Grigoryants” Charitable Foundation, incorporated by the shareholder of ARMBUSINESSBANK, also participated in financing of its construction.

Mr. Vitaly Grigoryants, benefactor, and Mr. Arsen Mikaelyan, Chairman of the Board of “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC, were among high-ranking guests who attended the inauguration ceremony of the Cathedral.

The idea to have a cathedral in the capital of Artsakh belongs to the primate of Artsakh diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan. The idea was approved by the Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II, who approved the construction project and on July 19, 2006, served the ceremony of consecrating the foundation stone of the church. The cathedral of Artsakh diocese is 41 meters in height, the cross on the dome is 3 meters in height. The neighborhood of the Cathedral will also serve as a public garden.

Thanks to humanitarian and patriotic behavior, Vitaly Grigoryants, the great patriot and benefactor, made a valuable contribution for the construction of Stepanakert Cathedral, the consecration and inauguration of which is a great event for all of us.

“Vitaly Grigoryants” charitable foundation is unmercenary, honest and impartial in its goal to implement various charitable projects.

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