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Sarkis loved heights and he gave his last battle at heights


Our friend became a traveler. Our most cheerful, most interesting, full-blooded Sarkis. This is his last photo posted on his page on the social network. Here he talks to Light, who knows what they are talking about? Maybe about immortality ...?

It turns out that heroes are just like that - modest, resigned, simple, always hurrying to help the others. Heroes that live among us but in their own world.

Back in school, the teacher complained that Sarkis used to come early, but kept the door open until everyone passed. And despite this he was late for lessons. The teacher will then learn that her pupil, who was always in a hurry to help everyone, will not be late to defend the Homeland.

His friends loved him very much. The affinity which commenced in the bank gave rise to a large, friendly family, where they had common concerns and joy. They were together at work and on weekends. On occasions, he would silently drink a toast to Motherland; pathos, speeches and boasting were alien to him. He also caught his friends with love for the wonderful nature of the native country- fresh air, tents, sunrise...

With his heart pounding, his place was in the mountains, on the heights, near the eagles. Hiking somewhat filled this gap, but the call of the mountains was always heard among the city noise.

And after the scheming attack of the enemy the call of the peaceful days of the mountains became a call, became an alarm, became an eagle's flight.

After hearing the news about the war and returning home from work, he walked to and fro talking to himself. "Well, should this war end one day or not?" He stroked the head of his sister's son and said: "We shall not leave it to Gagik, shall we? We have to finish it. I will go too! "

At that moment nobody paid attention to his words.

And when the notification came the next day, he did not even say goodbye to his family. His sister says that the man who brought the notice was still at their house when Sarkis arrived at the collecting place. Mother grieves - at least he had some snack…

He went to defend the homeland with an empty stomach. Just as they go on a pilgrimage.

He already called from the bus on the way to the front line. The boys were singing "Getashen". He said, do not worry, I am not alone, there are thousands of guys like me. The song continued: "You are the nest of eagles, rebellious Getashen!" Arpine, his sister, managed to say only one thing. "Saq jan, please ..."

Hearing the song of the boys going to the front line, he was ashamed to say what she asked. He did not fulfill her sister's request.

Later they would learn that many of the singing guys were to become a song themselves.

Mum's heart was especially restless on the day he persihed. His sister had also lost her peace. The night did not turn to dawn; mentally they were in the mountains with their soldier holding a weapon in his hands. It seemed to everyone that the night was endless.

But the night was not endless. The first rays of the sun were red; so were the mountains embracing the bodies of the heroes.

Sarkis loved heights and had his last battle on the heights.

At dawn, eagles from the world of the Light in his last photo came down to take the hero away. Now he had to go his way with the eagles. He had to join the victorious Armenian regiments in the sky and wage an invisible war from above.

My hand trembles, I do not dare to call his relatives. However, while the lethal war continues, they are stronger, more upright than we. They pray for the soldiers standing on the front line. "My God, let those 18-year-old guys come back to their mothers. My son lived at least a few years longer than them." These are the words of a mourning mother who has lost her son. Such are the families of heroes and it is exactly in such families that guys like Sarkis, Albert and Tatul are born.

The relatives say that when the war ends for everyone, it will just start for us. A life filled with war, where Sarkis is not with us.

Dear friend, you have not left your fight unfinished. Now it's our turn. We must make sure that the fight does not remain after your nephew Gagik and other children.

We must continue our eternity march. And on this path, we will be rewarded many times over for our martyrs, for each extinguished star in the Armenian sky, for faded hopes.

Rest in the Light our good friend.

The employee of ARMBUSINESSBANK Sarkis Saribekyan fell in the battles for Homeland

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