Currency rates

Cash / Non-cash  

 Purchase    Sales
USD 408.00 410.50  
EUR 514.00 521.00
RUB 9.62 9.88
GBP 650.00 660.00
CHF 424.00 434.00

Currency rates

Cash / Non-cash 

 Purchase    Sales
USD 407.50 410.00  
EUR 514.20 520.30
RUB 9.65 9.88
GBP 651.30 659.90
CHF 424.30 433.10

Gold Rates 

Cash / Non-cash

1 g. gold 22,450
2 g. gold 39,203
5 g. gold 92,144
10 g. gold 175,910
20 g. gold


50 g. gold 850,232

Gold Rates

Cash / Non-cash

1 g. gold 16,820.30


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Dear clients,

ARMBUSINESSBANK continues to increase the number of its affiliates by opening one more branch. This time it is in Yerevan ...

On October 17, in the presence of high-ranking guests, Mr. Arsen Mikayelyan, the Chairman of the Executive Board of "ARMBUSINESSBANK" CJSC and Mr. Hrair  Antonyan, head of the administrative district of Arabkir cut the red ribbon and announced of the official opening of "KOMITAS" branch of "ARMBUSINESSBANK" CJSC...


Dear customers,

Ample and comfortable space for proper customer service and business meetings ... So appears ARMBUSINESSBANK’s new branch "SEVAN", which is located at 13/14 Sayat-Nova Str., Sevan city...




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